Good Hope Seminary Girls' High School


Welcome to Good Hope Seminary Girls' High School

At the start of my third year at this wonderful institution, I am excited at the prospects that this new year brings.  As with any school, we have moments that we do not want to have repeated, but these are only moments, which are fleeting!  For the most part, we are happy to be here and education is happening in all our classrooms!

The school has grown substantially this year and we still have a waiting list of girls who would like to attend out school.  This is as a result of dedicated staff making the best of what we have to ensure that our girls receive an excellent education!

We are grateful to the WCED for supplying us with a full computer laboratory as well as eight eLearning classrooms, WCT for supplying us with stoves for the Consumer Studies room, and to Mason for all their assistance with our computers.  2015 promises to be a wonderful year!

May you all have a year filled with exciting opportunities for growth and learning as well as joy and happiness!

Yours sincerely

Desirè Christian